Pearl is our crazy hen - she really is a nut! She has the most adventurous spirit and steadfast determination of almost any animal I can call to mind. She gets in the car every chance she gets (other people's cars too so roll up your windows if you come to visit) and even made an impressive trip as a stow away all the way to the store with Chris one day! She spends a good deal of time trying to get into both the house and the studio and if you ever leave a door open Pearl is certain to find her way in. She has been found in the kitchen, the bathroom and in the back of the piano. She can often be found in the laundry room behind the large kiln.

Her latest fixation is the wood fired oven - she is foiling all attempts to keep her out (including bricks and logs blocking the door). Try to get her out before she lays an egg? Watch out! Did you know that hens bite? They do.

Here she is roosting in the back of the oven giving me a 'Don't mess with me!' glare.


Ha ha, what an awesome story and bird! We had lots of chickens growing up in Wisconsin, and my parents have some here in Cali, but I don't remember any of them having personalities that crazy. All I remember is the geese that would chase us all over, ha ha. They'd even bite the wheels of our car as we were pulling into the driveway. My brother and I had to kick their little noggens to keep our legs safe, ha. Thanks for sharing....Brian

Lissa wrote that post.. I'd like to go a little further.

Her insurgent tactics rival the greatest of military minds. She drills, plans, carries out intense, focused operations. She can coerce other hens. She uses fear and intimidation to accomplish her bidding, yet can appear as gentle and sympathetic to the masses.

She is dangerous.

She stalks the windows and doors, pacing back and forth, pecking them lightly, not unlike a kinder, gentler version of waterboarding.

Simply stated, this chicken can get inside your head. She is always there.. watching.


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